4.3 Former Enrollee Services


R1. Contact

Career Transition Services (CTS) providers​ must contact all assigned former enrollees at least every 30 days during the service period to reassess their needs and maintain case note documentation in the Job Corps Career Transition System of all services provided directly to, or on behalf of former enrollees.

R2. Placement Services

Career Transition Services (CTS) providers must (in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 4.1, Eligibility for Services​):

a. Use Labor Market Information (LMI) and other resources to work with each former enrollee to develop placement strategies customized to meet his or her individual needs and career goals.

b. Identify certification testing opportunities and collaborate with the former enrollee to support progress toward certification and/or licensing attainment.

c. Provide assistance to former enrollees in obtaining additional education and training opportunities and federal funding, as appropriate, that meet certification and/or licensing requirements.

d. Identify job leads and/or educational and training opportunities for which the former enrollee qualifies, and which meet the placement definition as specified in Exhibit 4-1, Placement Definitions​.

e. Develop job leads and provide referrals through use of Internet sources and direct contact with partners of local Workforce Development Boards; Youth Standing Committees, where established; One-Stop Career Centers/American Job Centers, and community stakeholders such as, employers, apprenticeship programs, unions, and industry organizations.

Exhibit 4-1 Placement Definitions