Exhibit 1-1 Job Corps Eligibility Requirements
Exhibit 1-2 Factors for Priority Enrollment
Exhibit 1-3 OJC Expedited Applicant Enrollment for Natural and Man-Made Disaster Victims
Exhibit 2-1 Infraction Levels Definitions and Appropriate Center Actions
Exhibit 2-2 Requirements for the Conduct of Fact-Finding Boards
Exhibit 2-3 Menu of Progressive Discipline Interventions and Sanctions for Minor Infractions
Exhibit 2-4 Job Corps Basic Health Care Responsibilities
Exhibit 2-5 Placement Pathway Prerequisites for Entry
Exhibit 3-1 Work-Based Learning Program Agreement Template
Exhibit 3-2 New Educational Functioning Level Descriptors for Adult Basic Education (ABE)
Exhibit 4-1 Placement Definitions
Exhibit 4-2 Initial Placement Verification and Documentation Requirements
Exhibit 5-1 Standard Operating Procedures
Exhibit 5-2 Plan and Report Submission Requirements
Exhibit 5-3 Minimum Staff Qualifications
Exhibit 5-4 Required Staff Training
Exhibit 5-5 Center Health Services Staffing Requirements
Exhibit 5-6 Proposal Outline for On-Site Child Development Centers and Residential Parent-Child Programs
Exhibit 5-7 Use of Job Corps Funds for Children Development Centers and Parent-Child Programs
Exhibit 5-8 Child Development Center Minimum Staff Qualifications
Exhibit 5-9 Facility Requirements for Child Development Centers and Residential Parent-Child Programs
Exhibit 6-1 Duty-Pay-Leave Status Chart
Exhibit 6-2 Student Allowance and Allotment System
Exhibit 6-3 Student Transportation
Exhibit 6-4 Minimum Requirements for Replacing Vehicles Leased From GSA Prior to the End of the Lease