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 3.0 Introduction


Chapter 3, Student Training Services, also referred broadly as career preparation period and career development period, provides a framework of requirements for center contractors in areas such as managing the training process at Job Corps centers, equipment and clothing, curriculum content, course structure and testing, coordination of services, advanced training programs and other training providers, high school diploma and high school equivalency, career technical training, job shadowing, work-based learning programs, relationships with national training contractors, as well as introducing students to center life, assessing students’ needs and interests, career success standards, conflict resolution, information technology training, and job search skills among others. Requirements are detailed in the following sections within the chapter: Training Management; Academics; Career Technical Training; and Career Success/Workplace Skills. Job Corps enrollees must be provided services consistent with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and Job Corps requirements contained herein. Center staff are tasked with welcoming students on center and introducing them to the center including dormitory life, dress code, student benefits, health and wellness, safety and security, and job search skills to name a few. Additionally, center staff prepare students for the labor force by providing them with social, academic, and career technical training in order to obtain secondary diplomas or recognized credentials leading to good jobs in in-demand industries, the U.S. Armed Forces, or postsecondary education, including apprenticeship programs.


 3. Student Training Services

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