5.5 Procurement


R1. Procurement

Center operators and Outreach and Admissions (OA)/Career Transition Services (CTS) contractors must follow all applicable procurement regulations, to include those contained in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Department of Labor Acquisition Standards, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars, and Executive Orders (EO).

R2. Internal Controls

Center operators and OA/CTS contractors must:

a. Develop written procedures to procure materials and services on a timely basis and submit these procedures to the Contracting Officer as part of the standard operating procedures. Federal agency centers must use established agency procedures for procurement of materials and services (see Exhibit 5-1, Standard Operating Procedures).

b. Communicate procurement rules and procedures to all staff members involved in the purchase, receipt, custody, oversight, documentation, or inventory of materials and services.

c. Establish systems for the periodic self-evaluation of procurement activities to ensure integrity, accountability, and prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse.

R3. Reporting

Center operators and OA/CTS contractors must submit subcontracting reports in accordance with the reporting requirements and schedule described in Exhibit 5-2 (Plan and Report Submission Requirements)​.

Exhibit 5-1 Standard Operating Procedures
Exhibit 5-2 Plan and Report Submission Requirements