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 1.0 Introduction


Chapter 1, Enrollment Services, also referred to as outreach and admissions period, provides a framework of requirements in areas such as applicant outreach, recruitment, guidance, assessment, and selection that outreach and admissions providers must deliver to Job Corps applicants. It also includes a section on center applicant file review. Requirements are detailed in the following sections within the chapter: Outreach and Recruitment; Eligibility; Career Guidance and Assessment; Enrollee Selection; Center Applicant File Review; and Assignment and Departure.  Applicants must be provided enrollment services consistent with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and Job Corps requirements contained herein. Outreach and admissions providers receive and respond to prospective applicants, inform them about Job Corps training and education programs and center life, and assess applicants’ likelihood of success.  In addition, providers process applications consistent with applicable law and policy requirements, keep applicants informed of their status, and report to federal managers on detailed information regarding the status of applicants during each phase of the admissions process. Outreach and admissions providers also work cooperatively with a multitude of organizations in order to promote referrals of Job Corps applicants; introduce students to all aspects of center life and center education and training opportunities; interact with the applicants in accordance with applicable law and Job Corps policy requirements; assist applicants with career planning; advise applicants of admissions determination; and coordinate applicants’ arrival on centers among other responsibilities.


 1. Enrollment Services

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