6.6 Clothing


R1. Student Clothing

Centers must:

a. Issue, at no cost to the student, uniforms, specialized and safety equipment, and clothing necessary for a student to participate in career technical training.  Such clothing and equipment must meet safety and health requirements and industry standards so that the student is able to function comfortably and effectively in all weather conditions.

b. Issue, but retain as government property, such clothing and safety equipment that is determined to be serviceable and that can be sanitized.

c. Issue, for retention by the student, safety shoes and other items that cannot be sanitized.

R2. Cash Clothing Allowance

Centers must establish a system to provide clothing allowances for students in the amounts indicated and according to the time schedule shown below:

First clothing allowance:

$100 (requires minimum 30 days length of stay)

Second clothing allowance:

$125 (for projected graduates only; may issue within 90 days of projected graduation)

AT/ACT clothing allowance:

$100 (available at time of transfer)


R3. Emergency Clothing

a. Centers must provide for emergency clothing needs and deduct the amount provided from the student’s clothing allowance.

b. In the event of a disaster declaration made by the President under the Stafford Act, at the discretion and approval of the Regional Director, students may be provided with clothing and other personal items up to $500 in value.